Participant Profiles

Workers Benefit Fund

About the Organization

The expansion of the gig economy has highlighted the benefits gap that non-traditional workers operate in. They are forced to choose between an expensive individual insurance market or opting out entirely. Many choose to opt-out, leaving them and their families solely responsible for high medical costs down the road.

Workers Benefit Fund was founded to find a better solution for gig workers. They are passionate about partnering with platforms, policy leaders, and labor unions to re-envision what’s possible for gig workers and their families. They’ve already provided benefits to thousands of gig workers, and are just getting started.

Benjamin Geyerhahn

Project Lead

Ben is an entrepreneur focused on the delivery of portable benefits. He is regularly invited to advise think tanks (like Aspen Institute) and worker organizations (like the Independent Drivers Guild) on these issues. He co-founded Workers Benefit Fund, and founded BeneStream which provides public benefits to employees/union members, Ben has served on the Board of Directors of the Workers Lab and on the New York Health Benefit Exchange, Regional Advisory Board for New York City.