Participant Profiles

Viva Translate

About the Organization

Viva Translate strives to increase language access for underserved populations, to further encourage equality, self-empowerment, and overall better translation experiences. Viva is relentlessly committed to fostering trust and communication across organizations and low income limited-English speakers, at a fraction of the time and effort it takes to use a phone interpreter. Viva Translate’s main goal is to improve translation quality and increase client trust and responsiveness.

Tony Hua
Co-founder & CEO of Viva Translate

Project Lead

Tony is the COO and head of partnerships at Viva Translate. As a child of low-income, immigrant parents, Tony translated for his parents since age 8, driving his motivation to eliminate language barriers. After graduating from Stanford University with his engineering degree, Tony advised government sector startup, Birdstop, to close critical million-dollar contracts and served as a technical project lead at BAE Systems before cofounding Viva Translate. He is excited to employ his experience in furthering Viva Translate’s mission to eliminate language barriers and bring more opportunities to everyone!