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The Scholars Program

About the Organization

The Scholars Program mission is to help New Jersey graduates call New Jersey their home, where work is inspiring, fulfilling, and offers a livable wage, which is facilitated by enabling the exchange of information and expertise across the economic, workforce and talent ecosystem resulting in an acceleration of human capital development to quickly fill jobs and close the skills gap.

Dana Castro
Executive Director

Project Lead

Dana Castro is the Executive Director of The Scholars Program, which is a program that provides New Jersey college and university students real-world experiences to take on jobs in high-wage, high-growth sectors in the state. Her goal is to accelerates career translation for college students and addresses key problems, challenges, and opportunities of high strategic importance for New Jersey workforce systems & businesses, which is accomplished through an innovative internship program. Dana has over two decades of diverse experiences in public sector, non-profit, enterprise, and retail environments across education, healthcare, and technology industries. She is a member of NJ Business and Industry Association and the Somerset County Business Partnership. She is also a certified career coach from the NYU School of Professional Studies.