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Startup Tribes

About the Organization

The principal mission of Startup Tribes is to democratize access to innovation, learning, and economic ecosystems.

Their values are to enhance access and sharing of knowledge by building vibrant innovation communities that are bound together by a collaborative culture. From their founding in 2019, they believe that diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are central to sustainable innovation.

Startup Tribes embraces the idea that all individuals, regardless of social or economic circumstances, have the potential to develop an entrepreneurial mindset; and that everyone has the right to start a venture. Their robust “Innovation Community Builder” platform provides easy access to resources, tools, events, courses, mentors, jobs, and collaboration tools to help propel the people behind the ideas.

Parth Mehta
Founder & CEO

Project Lead

Parth Mehta has successfully launched 2 ventures by the age of 24. For his startup ideas, he was selected by the NJ Technology Council for the 2019 “STEM Innovator to Watch” award. He was selected to represent New Jersey at TiECON-2019 a global pitch competition, in Silicon Valley. In 2019, his idea of building a platform for a connected innovation ecosystem for NJ, won Parth the best pitch award at SharkBait, a competition held by the largest incubator in NJ. He has helped a global entrepreneurship organization in building a robust ecosystem for youth founders connecting 33 cities across 8 countries. Parth has mastered the lean startup methodology and excels as an Innovation Ecosystem Builder. He is currently serving as the Economic Development Director in the New Jersey Young Democrats.