Participant Profiles

Shimmy Technologies

About the Organization

Shimmy is an industrial ed tech company on a mission to inspire more people to work in sewn products manufacturing and help workers stay relevant as automation changes the landscape. They build mobile and tablet-based games powered by AI that help people upskill and reskill, over time, using self-paced, asynchronous training in bite-sized modules.

Anaitté Aguirre
Project Manager

Project Lead

Anaitté Aguirre is a project manager with over five years of experience managing industrial projects that lead to transformation. Prior to starting at Shimmy, she developed physical spaces in Chicago, Boston, Montreal and Toronto at WeWork and ground up constructions at Borough Equities in NYC. Anaitté holds a BS in Chemical Engineering, a MSc in Project Management and is passionate about processes, products and creating a positive impact through her work.