Participant Profiles

Driver's Seat Cooperative

About the Organization

Driver’s Seat is a driver-owned cooperative that empowers ride-hail drivers and on-demand delivery workers to use shared data ownership to make the gig economy work better for themselves and the communities they serve.

Driver’s Seat has developed an app to collect data from on-demand drivers in order to a) return it to drivers in the form of actionable insights to optimize their earnings; and b) sell the collected data to local and state government for use in planning and design, policy creation and enforcement (DaaS).

Hays Witt
Co-Founder & CEO

Project Lead

Hays is the co-founder of the Driver's Seat Cooperative. He's a national leader in the emerging movement to link new mobility with equitable workforce and positive community outcomes. Hays has advised cities and national advocacy groups on triple bottom line policy development and built grassroots worker and community organizations that have won equity and justice in America's big cities.